Navigating Knee Arthritis: Understanding Symptoms and Management Strategies

Arthritis, especially in the knees, is a prevalent joint condition, affecting millions globally. Recognizing the symptoms and understanding how to manage them can significantly improve quality of life.

10 Signs of Knee Arthritis

What Are Some Common Symptoms of Knee Arthritis?


Clicking Noises:


Many individuals experience clicking in their knees, a common occurrence. This noise can be due to normal joint fluid movements or tendons sliding over bone. While generally not a cause for concern, painful clicking should be evaluated by a healthcare professional.


Knee Pain:


Knee pain is a primary symptom that drives people to seek medical advice. Factors contributing to knee pain include issues with the knee membrane or weakened surrounding muscles. Pain can also be influenced by psychological factors. Engaging in activities like walking or biking is often mistakenly thought to worsen arthritis. However, these activities promote blood flow and can actually help manage pain.


Knee Stiffness:


Stiffness, particularly after resting or in the morning, is another common symptom. It’s often due to a decrease in joint lubrication. Stiffness usually improves with movement and can be managed with simple home exercises.


Managing Knee Arthritis


Exercise: Regular physical activity is crucial. It helps maintain joint flexibility, strengthens muscles, and reduces pain sensitivity. Finding an enjoyable form of exercise can be key to managing arthritis effectively.


Heat Therapy: Applying heat can reduce stiffness and relax muscles, but should be used cautiously, especially in areas with reduced sensation.

Physiotherapy: A physiotherapist can develop a personalized exercise plan to manage symptoms and improve joint function.


Living with Knee Arthritis…


Living with arthritis might seem daunting, but many strategies can help mitigate its impact on daily life. Regular exercise, understanding how to manage pain and stiffness, and seeking professional advice when needed are all essential steps.


For more information or to book an appointment with a physiotherapist, visit our website and explore our range of services designed to support those living with arthritis.


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